All writing is autobiographical

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All writing is to an extent autobiographical. In writing fiction, authors manifest aspects of themselves on the page, drawing on aspects of their own personality and experience when they write.

  • See Characters personify specific aspects of the authorCharacters personify specific aspects of the author
    Tags: [[Writing]] [[Characterization]]

    Compelling characters are often drawn from the lived experience of the author. Authors will often select some aspect of themselves and amplify it through the...

In non-fiction, writers interpret and express unique perspectives on facts. They continually make judgments and evaluations about what they observe and their writing therefore becomes a window into their psyche, intentional or not. (I started to foment this idea when researching Melville and becoming interested in how different scholars could read the same text by the same author and come to opposed conclusions.)

  • How does this relate to the post-modern notion that The author is dead? Interpreting a text is an act of self-fashioning but that interpretation can, in turn, become a free signifier that becomes fodder for another person's own self-fashioning.

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    Writers are often advised to "write what you know." This axiom is often misunderstood to mean that writers should confine themselves to events or places with...
    - Authors are well advised to draw on their own wellsprings of emotion and experience when engaging in creative work.
  • Writing is thinkingWriting is thinking
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    Rather than the result of thinking, writing is thinking. Translating the ideas of others into one's own words forces deep consideration of what is being said, and thinking throug...
    - Writing is a kind of externalized thinking; the process of writing as an act of self-fashioning may also be a self-reinforcing feedback loop where writing does not document who you are but is part of the process of self-discovery or self-definition
  • Writing cedes the agency to the readerWriting cedes the agency to the reader
    Tags: [[Writing]] [[Literature]]

    The author of a text is unable to act (unilaterally, at least) through that text. They cede their agency to the reader who is capable of interpreting and respondin...
    - An author has no control over the meaning of the text; therefore, the autobiographical "I" who produces the text is nullified by the act of reading the text.
  • Writing is performativeWriting is performative
    Tags: [[Writing]] [[Literature]]

    The act of writing is a performance. It is not an act of exact representation of the world or the author, but a performance of authorship whereby the author's utte...
    - The act of writing is an act of performance; it is the author's construction of the self.