Digital capitalism has destroyed the autonomic self

Tags: Social Change

Past notions of a sovereign, autonomous self are increasingly outmoded in an era of digital capitalism that works efficiently to circumscribe our sense of possibility. Today, our view of the world is delimited by intermediate technologies that manipulate our tastes and preferences as well as the information that we are able to consume. Consequently it's difficult to imagine a truly rational, autonomous agent: our selves are always made and remade through our consumption of media that has been manipulated by outside agencies.

  • Inattention has become a commodityInattention has become a commodity
    Tags: [[Social Change]]

    The ubiquity of digital media and engagement platforms has made it increasingly difficult to stop paying attention to the world around us. It's much harder now for us to be...
    - There is a cost associated with opting out of this digital culture that is not uniformly accessible to all
  • Capitalism in the attention economy limits our sense of possibilityCapitalism in the attention economy limits our sense of possibility
    Tags: [[Social Change]]

    According to Matthew Crawford, one of the modes in which capitalism operates is by "jigging" our experience such that our attention is focused only in certain directions. C...
    - Capitalism works by forestalling our sense of the world around us and colonizing our choice architectures


Crawford 2015