Frank Olson

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Frank Olson was a federal employee who was allegedly dosed by CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb with LSD at a retreat. After his experience, Olson underwent a significant change in personality, becoming withdrawn and depressed.

  • MK Ultra programMK Ultra program
    Tags: [[Parapsychology]] [[Morgue]]

    MK Ultra was a CIA program that subjected unwitting subjects to various drugs in order to manipulate them into saying and doing things against their will. The p...
    : Gottlieb's experiment was authorized under the MK Ultra program.

According to Connelly 2023, Gottlieb was worried that Olson would reveal the nature of the MK Ultra as he had not received authorization to drug Olson and the other subjects. Fearful of the public's reaction to the program, Gottlieb allegedly connected Olson to a doctor who gave Olson a mixture of alcohol and sedatives. Olson became increasingly paranoid until one night he fell from a Manhattan hotel.


Connelly 2023