Many CIA programs relating to parapsychology were classified because they were embarrassing

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Many CIA-sponsored programs and experiments relating to parapsychology or paranormal phenomena were kept under wraps not because of the risk that their findings would fall into enemy hands but because they were so terrible. The programs did not meet a rigorous standard of scientific protocol and often relied on "experts" with dubious qualifications.

  • JB RhineJB Rhine
    Tags: [[People]] [[Parapsychology]] [[Morgue]]

    J.B. Rhine was the founder of a research program that became the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University; the lab continues to operate independe...
    was one so-called expert who was involved with CIA programs.
  • MK Ultra programMK Ultra program
    Tags: [[Parapsychology]] [[Morgue]]

    MK Ultra was a CIA program that subjected unwitting subjects to various drugs in order to manipulate them into saying and doing things against their will. The p...
    was one of the programs operated by the CIA.


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