Mismatch between degree and occupation is not confined to the humanities

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There is periodically reports in the media bemoaning the fact that humanities graduates are unable to find jobs in their fields. Often this kind of data is used to suggest that a humanities degree is "useless" or that humanities programs, including English Literature, need to reorient themselves towards developing skills that better align with the job market.

However, research from Spain suggests that a mismatch between degree field and occupation—called "horizontal mismatch"—is hardly confined to the humanities. In fact, horizontal mismatch was likely among graduates of language and literature programs but also chemistry, mathematics, and pharmacy programs.

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    Mismatch between one's degree and their career field—called "horizontal mismatch"—is sometimes cited as a fault. This is particularly common in attacks on the va...
    - It is not established that horizontal mismatch is a "bad" thing.
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    - Horizontal mismatch could be interpreted as a feature rather than a bug insofar as some degrees impart more transferable skills than others.


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