Stack habits to improve long-term adoption

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Habits have a higher adoption rate when they are driven by strong cues.

  • See the first of James Clear's Four laws of behaviour changeFour laws of behaviour change
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    In Atomic Habits James Clear outlines his four laws of behaviour change. To successfully adopt a new habit, one should

    : make it obvious

One method for incorporating strong cues us to "stack" habits—that is, build an association between an existing habit and a new one. For example, if you habitually brush your teeth, immediately perform the new habit after brushing your teeth.

Use the phrase "After I existing habit, I will new habit."

Note that the cue should be concrete and extremely actionable. A vague cue (e.g., "when I feel bored") will not be as effective a cue as something that has an immediately obvious condition (e.g., "when I finish brushing my teeth").


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